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Round 2:  Ulf Court by Bazodan
Round 2: Ulf Court
Here is the video:

Yiffany & Joe sued for sexual Toasting of :iconmasterofthebad:

Dick wolf directed by :iconthemeguy:

Pisstain Lost with :icontheflippmeister:

Sir Hunter Hunted by :iconwonderfulwiz:

Why do I always keep on forgetting these things, I need to keep my shit together
Creds for the peeps!
Round 1: Spegsy Wolfs adventure begins by Bazodan
Round 1: Spegsy Wolfs adventure begins

It's finally here ladies and gentelulfs!

Lobulf masterd by :iconjuanelox:

Mee the most spegsiest ulf by :iconthecheesecannibal:

Fixing the cred sticks so people know who's in there and who to give creds to for amazing creations
Mom by Bazodan

This is my character ref for this tourny called Mulligrubs.
I am partnering up with :iconburdrehnar: with his character. this is going to be so much fun!… here Is Dad

Name: Mom

Age: 45

Gender: Lady

Species: Lady Plant

Height: 6'2''

Weight: 185 pounds

Personality: Family woman, Attentive, Passionate, Motherly, Loving, Hardworking, Careful, Distant of Others, Go Getter!

Likes: Her job, Dad, Dad's 'stache, her child, her home, her make-up, helping the poor class, a good president in office, her picnic basket, her dress.

Dislikes: The snooty rich people, lazy workers, the internet, foreigners that don't seek jobs, Mooseguts, foul play, Canada.

History: Mom is a hard working middle class mother of one and loving wife of Dad. She grew up in Pit 5KB-0X in sector Raagilopdif in Hell itself. At the tender age of 3, she was sent off to the surface world to destroy all of mankind with her immense power but quickly forgot her mission because she was only a baby and couldn't recollect memories yet. At age 18, she ran into Dad at the school she attended and quickly became a beautiful couple. After they graduated, they got married and held a stable and happy relationship ever since. They had a child that has been raised for a while and life goes on.

Strengths/Powers: Being a Mom, Mom is very agile.She can slither around and fit into many locations due to the lack of a spine. Being a plant demon from hell, she has intense demon energy that she can tap into, though she's forgotten much of this talent over the years.If she can tap into it, she can become a demon plant and/or shoot lasers from her eyes.She can shape shift slightly to extend her arms and legs to be much longer. She can also melt at will.

Weaknesses: She's rather frail and burns easily, so she has a fear of an open flame. She can't deliver strong attacks like Dad can. If Mom loses her picnic basket, she doesn't know what she'd do with herself and becomes confused. Extending her body uses up energy, so she can't do it for long before getting tired.

Weapons?: Her jiggly arms are a main weapon. Demon laser eyes. She can slither through nearly any crack or hole in the area to the other side.

Other: She keeps close to Dad. She always listens to Dad, and Dad always listens to her. She'd love to offer a cup of tea rather than rip your face off, but she'll kill you if necessary. If you aren't after a fight, Mom won't fight you.
She is very motherly to everyone she meets.

Relationship to Partner: She's happily married to Dad. He is her best friend and vice versa. They share everything together and want to protect each other an equal amount. Mom carries the weight Dad can't and Dad does the same.
Howling meme by Bazodan
Howling meme
The Lord is telling you, don't worry, be happy
Also my face is taped on the moon... Wonderful!
(This doesn't loop forever)


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I also think we should add eachother somewhere so we could have better contact, Do you have skype or anythign?
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Bazodan Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
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I actually do have plans ~
You're a pretty good animator with flash and i have no idea how to animate in flash
What if i made all the art and we planned out an animation for it?

Your weenie and professor weenie can realize their extreme rivalry at last
Bazodan Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I can see what I can do, the thing is, if we do an animation, We'll have to ask ourselves, do we want the file to be an acually flash or a video, depending on what we do, We can get diffrent things, sounds, effects and such
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